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Black-on-White Sex




Black-White Pregnancies


By Dr. David Weston

" Having a black lover is the 'in thing' with many white girls and women.

At the same time, letters we have receive talk about some possible consequences."

      Because of the strong and at times irrational views on both sides of this issue, we've previously tried to dodge the issue of unwanted black-white pregnancies. However, after getting a variety of letters on this subject we feel we can no longer avoid the issue .

We'll briefly look at both sides of this issue.

      >>   First, we've get many letters from pregnant white and Asian women -- typically white women married to white husbands -- who say that their black lovers intentionally got them pregnant.

We've also gotten letters from black men who admit that this was their goal -- sometimes stating a blatant, long-term, "get-rid-of-the-white-race" objective.

The following quote is from a letter written by a married white woman who got pregnant by a black lover.

" ...[he] did it to me on purpose. He admitted it. He even told me he had gotten other white women pregnant. He didn't care. He didn't give a damn about me and he sure didn't give a damn about the baby."


This type of pregnancy often breaks up the woman's marriage. The women who wrote (and was among those who asked us to warn readers) said the black father of her baby had no intention of taking any responsibility for the baby.

      >>   Even if she wants to pursue it, a married woman engaging in consensual sex that results in an unintentional pregnancy faces a thorny legal issue. A paternity test, even a forced paternity test as soon as the baby is born, is a possibility. The legal name of the biological father should be noted along with any other information that can be found about him. Even if a lawyer familiar with laws in your state is not engaged, you may need this information to address later medical issues for the child.

      >>   A teacher wrote and said --

" White girls having black babies is widespread in many schools.  ...some of the white girls have sex with black boys voluntarily, but in many cases it's a matter giving into pressure."


This teacher also said that once the white girl has a black baby the black father will deny responsibility or disappear, she will typically drop out of  school, and her marriage prospects drastically diminish.

      >>   Before we look at the other side of this issue, two more things should be mentioned.

Many people have stated that if the girl or woman gets pregnant it's her own fault for not being on "the pill" or some effective form of birth control.  This is in addition to using condoms, which to a large degree the male controls. However, some black males dislike using condoms and they may feel that any consequences are not their concern.

      >>   The parents of teen-age daughters often put their faith in a "just say no" approach to sex and refuse to believe their daughters are sexually active -- until they become pregnant.

If the daughter is white and the father of the baby is black, it creates an even greater problem for many parents. Some daughters have been disowned and sent away to fend for themselves at the very time when they most need support.

Finally, there is the issue of sexually transmitted disease.  This is particularly high among black and Latino men and boys. Some studies indicate that the majority of young people contract some type of sexual disease during their early years.  Although most are curable, as we know, some are not.


The Other Side Of the Issue

      >>   Some white women intentionally get pregnant with a black lover because they feel that mixed race babies are an ideal blend of the races. They may be aware that the black father will take little or no interest in the baby, but they are prepared to raise the baby on their own.

Occasionally, a white couple will decide on having a mixed race baby and the wife will intentionally get pregnant with a black lover. This may because the wife has been unable to get pregnant with her husband. It is assumed that it is easier for a white woman to get pregnant with a black man. Often this is the case.

      >>   Some white women who decide to have a mixed race baby chose a Russian roulette approach to having sex with "choice" black men without using birth control.  She may not want to know who the father of the baby will be, only that it will be one of several candidates -- typically from a club that attracts physically superior black males.

" She may intentionally blur paternity by concentrating sexual activity with multiple sexual partners around times when she is most apt to conceive. With this approach the probability of pregnancy is much higher than with a single sexual partner."


Not unrelated, a husband may use one of these clubs to "breed" his wife, sometimes through multiple pregnancies, with what he views as physically superior black males. The black parentage may be obvious, but possibly not the fact that subsequent children may have different fathers.

      >>   The physical characteristics of mixed-race babies are hard to predict.  The child can end up with predominantly black or white characteristics, or something in between.

Mixed-race babies are becoming more socially acceptable, especially in the larger U.S. cities. In some other countries they are rather common.

      >>   Although many, if not most, white husbands would find it abhorrent to know their wives had a black lover, we see from the letters to this site that many white husbands are encouraging their wives to have black lovers. The reasons, which tend to be varied and presumptive, are discussed throughout this site.

      >>   We know that some mothers take their daughters to black-white clubs. A husband might assume that when his wife leaves with her daughter she wouldn't be meeting a lover; but, in fact, mother and daughter may be sharing some of the same black partners.

This mother-daughter secret also makes it easier for both of them to meet black lovers at their house and elsewhere and cover each other's activities.


The Bottom Line

      >>   Most of the problems that have resulted from unwanted black-on-white pregnancies could have been avoided simply by using effective birth control.

This also applies to teenage girls, a large percentage of which (unbeknownst to their parents) are sexually active. The "just say no" approach has not worked, nor have abstinence pledges, most of which are broken within a year.

" We have to assume that the trend toward black-on-white sex will continue -- even as the "taboo" attraction fades. Many white women are seeking the extra stimulation and stamina which select black men can provide. At the same time many black men favor white women for sex."

      >>   As the sexual prowess of many white husbands declines, especially with age, some are willing to let their wives have black lovers. When they do not, women may decide on secret affairs.

But resulting pregnancies have ended many marriages and the women typically do not get child support.   Since they may not see abortion as an option, this compounds the problem. Even if the marriage does not end, the pregnancy typically creates major marital problems.

Such problems notwithstanding, we've heard from many white husbands and/or wives, who have agreed to raise the child.

      >>   Parents of teen-age daughters should realize that girls today are often pressured into sex -- especially from black males who reportedly rule at many schools.  Many parents have little idea of the social pressures their children face in some schools, and children may be reluctant to talk about them.

" I know of no studies that show a relationship between penis size, IQ, or level and moral development."
-Dr. Dave Weston


We commonly assume that it's only girls that are affected; however, some teen girls want to get pregnant by certain boys.  Having to support a baby for 18 or so years can drastically change a boy's life plans.

Despite their moral reservations, parents should face current realities and see that their children are fully informed about safe sex.  In the case of a daughter it is wise to quietly start her on "the pill."  As many parents have found out, this often ends up being the lesser of the two evils.

We seem to be approaching a time when despite religious or family views, teen sex should be assumed.

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