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 I remarked that I would pay a good stud to remind me what good sex was all about. Another woman jumped in, "Why pay them when they will pay you."


      >>   I was like a lot of housewives I knew, doing a bit of housework and just staying around the house most of the day, doing chores, watching TV, or whatever, until it was time to pick up the kids at school.

I tried the work thing, but I soon found out that the jobs I could get would hardly pay for the extra expenses involved.

Our marriage of 12 years was "comfortable." But we had gotten to be more like estranged roommates than lovers.

      >>   I often met women friends at a mall restaurant and we gossiped about things like other women and their affairs. (If husbands only knew!)

In a moment I revealed more than I intended: I remarked that I would pay a good stud to remind me what good sex was all about. Another woman jumped in, "Why pay them when they will pay you."

I flippantly said, "Just point some guys my way!" I noticed one of the women looked at me rather intently, but I assumed that was just disapproval.

      >>   Afterwards, when the other women had left, she said she wanted to talk to me in confidence -- or "super confidence," as she put it. She said that before she was married she did some work for a outcall service in town and sometimes she still fills in. She said they were always looking for new women.

This wasn't a joke, and I was instantly put off by the idea.  But she insisted on talking about it, saying she used to be just like me -- bored out of her mind.  At the end she said she would take me to meet the woman who operated this "really decent escort service."

The next day she picked me up and suddenly I found myself in the woman's office being intently interviewed. She got my schedule, my cell phone number and gave me a week to think about it. She said to call her if I changed my mind. I kept putting it off until it was too late. I guess I secretly wanted to find out what it would be like.

      >>   The first time I was petrified, but as it turned out I think the guy was just as nervous. I guess I was put with him on purpose. I made several hundred dollars for spending less than an hour with him. I had forgotten how great it was to really have a man turned on with me. I had begun to think that I had lost whatever sex appeal I had.

>>   Before long, I was seeing two or three men a week. It got to be easy and sometimes even enjoyable.

When I was dating I got used to the male-female games, putting men off because I wanted to come across as a "good girl." But when I meet these men, we both knew that we were on our way to bed. That greatly simplifies things.

Sex had become a kind of new adventure; my life is no longer boring.  Never in a million years had I thought I could be a prostitute!

      >>   As I've said before, when a similar case was discussed in some detail, the illegal aspects aside, it's pretty hard to keep these things a secret. If and when it all hits the fan, where will you be? 

Some women have written saying their husbands know they work as prostitutes and have apparently adjusted to it, if not actually encouraged it.

An example of how this starts is, Prostitute For a Night.


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